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Shopping Guide
How to Shop
Add items to cart
Add items to your cart by clicking on the Add to Cart button for each item you want to buy.
Confirm cart contents
Once you've added everything you want to your cart, click the View Cart button. On this page, confirm the contents of your cart, and then click Check Out.
Check out
You will be prompted to log in or create an account, or check out as a guest. Choose the option you desire and follow the steps that appear.
Confirm order details
You will receive an order confirmation email after completing the checkout process. Please ensure all details are correct, and contact us if there are any problems or questions.
Receive items
The last step is waiting to receive your order. Depending on the shipping option selected, this may take some time. Once you receive your items, enjoy! Again, if there are any problems with your order, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to help fix the issue. Happy shopping!
The following is simple description on how users make a purchase, "Shopping Guide" on Japan Trendy Mall shopping site

Simply select the category of your choice among the category listing on the left hand side of the first page of Japan Trendy Mall shopping page.

After clicking on the desired category, the user is presented with the list of products in that category. Each item is accompanied with clickable buttons designated as “Add to Cart”, “Item Information” and “Contact Us”.

Clicking the “Add to Cart” button, will take the user to our “Shopping Cart” page where the user has a choice of Checking out by clicking the “Checkout” button or continue to shop by simply clicking the “Continue Shopping” text link designate in RED COLOR, with a freedom of adding as many items as she/he desires to the shopping cart. Please make sure that you have selected size or color option and quantity option before you go to shopping cart page.

When the “Checkout” button is clicked, our system will provide the user with the first step of the shopping cart which is “providing your information” below the area that shows the products that are currently in your shopping cart. In case of first time user, our system will ask user to provide all the relevant information, including user’s name, mailing address, e-mail address and phone/fax number plus will ask the first time user to setup her/his password. Once registered, the user does not have to go through process of providing their personal information on their next shopping, and simple entry of user’s e-mail address and password will be sufficient.

Once the user has completed all the relevant information and has setup the password, clicking the “Next” button will bring the user to the next step (Step 2) in shopping cart, which is “Enter Delivery Details”. In this step our system gives the option to the user in sending the items to multiple recipients or simply to the user. Note that, if user has created a new recipient by error, using the delete button would delete the new entry. Furthermore, the user has the option of changing the recipient information. The choice of delivery method is EMS and can not be changed. At the step the user can add a message or question in the designated box. When done the user should click the “Next” button which would bring the user to the Step 3 which is “Payment Option and Change quantity”.
In the “Payment Option and Change quantity” step the user can select between the payment option of “Bank Transfer” or “PayPal” by simply clicking on the appropriate radio button, plus the user has the opportunity of changing the quantity of selected items in their shopping cart. Please note the “Return” button would simply bring the user to the previous step. When done the user can click the “Next” button, which would bring the user to the Step4, the “Confirm” step.

In the “Confirm” step the user is presented with all the pertinent information that she/he has entered previously followed with our terms and conditions, which we advise the user to read thoroughly before placing the order. When the user is satisfied with all the given information and fully read the “Terms and Condition” contents in this page the user can click the “Purchase” button. By pressing the “Purchase” button the user will go to the STEP5, the “Complete” step.

In the STEP5, “Complete” step, the user is asked to click on the PayPal “Payment” button. By clicking this button, the user will be landed on PayPal official site for completion of transaction and payment. After the payment has been completed the user will receive a confirmation e-mail from Japan Trendy Mall to user’s designated e-mail address with all the entered information, plus a confirmation from PayPal on their transaction.

In case of payment through the Bank Transfer option, the user will receive a confirmation e-mail from Japan Trendy Mall providing all the necessary banking information to transfer funds to our corporate account in Japan.

Once the full payment in either option has been completed, Japan Trendy Mall will make all necessary arrangements for the delivery of user’s items to her/his designated address (es), and subsequent e-mail from Japan Trendy Mall notifying the user with shipping information and EMS tracking number, helping the user to track the shipped items, as the last step in the process.
Shipping Methods and Costs
Express Mail Service

Shipping zones
Insurance are charged in addition to the above amount.
Delivery date and time cannot be scheduled.
Shipping Cost may vary depending on item.
Prices include tax. No additional taxes will be added on checkout.
The following Payment Method are available:
Member Restriction
As part of our qualification process, we will ask our valued client to go through member registration process where you will be able to enter all the applicable information such as your name and contact name etc. We will then contact you and ask you to provide us with the information such as your company/shop name, URL address, current brand that you are representing or selling, average price of items sold, etc. After receiving the information from you, if qualified we will qualify you either as shop owner member or as Agent/Distributor member type where you can take advantage of discount on our wholeslae prices . In addition to this, to our frequent buyers we would offer extra discount in addition to the discount that they will be receiving.
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